Commemoration Remarks for Korea American Friendship Night

Good Evening. I am CFC Deputy Commander, General Choi Byung Hyuk. First I would like to thank President Hwang, Jin Ha and members of Korea America Friendship Society for hosting magnificent event for ROK US Alliance. Also, I would like to thank distinguished guests for your valuable prepense on this beautiful night as the name of ‘friendship’.

I would like to express my gratitude to ROK US service members for carrying out their given mission all around Republic of Korea at this moment.
Especially, I would like to sincerely congratulate 4 personnels including Captain Elaine Clines for being awarded with ‘Korea America friendship award.

As you all know, Korea faces “historical grand turning point” which will shine in five thousand years of history. We have started perilous yet great journey for settling everlasting peace on Korean Peninsula.

In 2018, Both leaders of ROK and North Korea agreed on complete denuclearization and everlasting peace on Peninsula through Panmunjum Declaration and Pyongyang Joint Declaration. Leaders of United States and North Korea promised their cooperative efforts on denuclearization on Peninsula and world peace through “Singapore Summit”.

Our Military prevented armed conflict on Peninsula through CMA, conducted various activities on fulfill basic principles of Armistice Agreement. As a result, we are baring substantive fruits to de-escalate Military tensions and establish trust such as “JSA demilitarization”, “Inter Korea Joint Remains Recovery”, “DMZ Road to Peace”.

“Adversity teaches you true friend”. ROK US alliance is the most successful and strongest alliance and friend in the world today as we have overcame many hardships during past 70 years.

Therefore, we are gathered here today to remember effort of ROK US service members who tried to enhance peace on Peninsula and brotherhood of both Seoul and Washington.

I would like to thank ROK US men and women in uniform for faithfully executing their mission at Freedom’s Frontier at this very moment and to the recipients of “Korea America Friendship Award.”
Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a round of applause to our friends, ROK US service members. (Clap!)

Thank you for your applause. On the strength of your support I promise that all CFC members will support diplomatic efforts based on robust combined defense posture and will contribute to complete denuclearization and settle permanent peace on Peninsula.

Lastly, on behalf of all CFC members, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to president Hwang and members of the society for being stout supporter of ROK US alliance for last 28 years. I wish boundless development of Korea America Friendship Society and bright future of the Alliance. I thank all of you for your valuable attendance to honor our friendship. Thank you. Wo go together!

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