Winners Korea America Friendship Society Award 2018

U.S. Army SFC Manuel, Ryan Michae

SFC Manuel, Air Missile Defense Battle Systems Manager for the 2501st Digital Liaison Detachment, led the unit’s neighborhood outreach with the local Yongin Community. He led the first ever Detachment Christmas Toy drive for the House of Hahi, a local shelter for disadvantaged children. This selfless service allowed 14 less fortunate children to feel the spirit of Christmas. SFC Manuel also spearheaded an effort to forge a relationship with the Yongin University administration. This endeavor resulted in a bi-monthly, Soldier facilitated English class at the University. SFC Manuel was also vital in building a relationship with the Yongin City Police. He coordinated the meeting between the 2501st DLD Commander and the Eastern Yongin Police Chief, which led to the signing of an agreement between the two units to perform a joint community service each month. He is a diligent and hardworking Soldier who is deserving of the Friendship Award to recognize his exceptional contributions in the promotion of friendship and goodwill.

U.S. Navy PS2 Antonio L. Hill

Petty Officer Second Class Antonio L. Hill’s professionalism and his attitude exemplify the Navy Core Values. During his time at Commander, Fleet Activities (CFAC) since 2017, he has served as the Pay and Personnel Clerk. He demonstrated remarkable initiative in both his work and volunteer efforts. As a member of CFAC, his substantial and dedicated personal commitment to the local community with over 40 hours for 20 events of community relations served to heighten community pride and awareness. During this time period, Petty Officer Hill thought English to 15 students at a Chinhae, Korea Girls High School, and it made a positive impact to the local community. Petty Officer Hill also volunteered at the Republic of Korea’s Navy Education Training Center and Chinhae Reserve Force Management base to teach English and share culture and Navy experience to the ROK Naval academy Sailors. This outreach to the host countries Navy greatly enhanced the US-ROK alliance and created lasting memories with the Sailors involved. Throughout his tour, Petty Officer Hill has made his impact felt and it has improved the installation at every level. He is an exceptional Sailor who has set the standard for excellence for years to come and is most deserving of the special recognition.

U.S. AirForce MSgt Christopher M. Thompson

Master Sergeant Christopher M. Thompson’s love for the Korean culture and their partnership with the United States Armed Forces is evident in his service to Osan Air Base and the surrounding community . He was instrumental in establishing the first ever bilateral Chaplain Corps training between the Republic of Korea Air Force and U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps; increasing the ministry and readiness capabilities of both services. Furthermore, he was leader and presenter for a Pacific Air Force Chaplain Corps Readiness Training event in which he taught Republic of Korea Air Force chaplains about ministry in contingency operations. Additionally, Sergeant Thompson regularly ensures that the Osan Air Base Chaplain Corps take base members to visit local orphanages. Annually, he supports 48 orphanages visits for 1,440 military members to 4 different orphanages.He participated in a Relay for Life Fundraiser raising over $2,000 for cancer research and educating and raising base U.S. and Korean personnel awareness. He also volunteers with the “Feed your Seoul” project in which he help serve meals to homeless people in Seoul. MSgt Thompson’s initiative, understanding and excellent representation of the 51st Fighter Wing and the U.S. Air Force greatly improved the relations between the Airmen and the Korean people around Osan Air Base.

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl Casiastapia, Jose

During his tour at Camp Mujuk, Corporal Casiastapia has participated in numerous community relations events, serving in various capacities from teaching English to Korean students to taking part in the local soccer community. Since 1 December 2016, Corporal Casiastapia has been the lead instructor for teaching English to over 15 Korean students (on Tuesday 1000-1100) at the Dasom Children’s Center. His kindheartedness to the children was remarkable, and his efforts show that he was dedicated and passionate about giving back to the community.In August of 2017 Corporal Casiastapia dedicated numerous hours during his off-time by assisting in coaching for the Pohang MJ Youth Football Club for a total of 200 hours. In October of 2017 Corporal Casiastapia was instrumental in the planning and execution of the Dreamstart Halloween event where over 50 children visited Camp Mujuk for the first time. Volunteering hundreds of hours of his personal time speaks volumes about his time management skills, his personality and his character. In the short time that he was here, he gained the respect of those he worked with him and most importantly, the Korean community he was proud to serve. It is no doubt that Corporal Casiastapia truly deserves to be rewarded for the hard work and dedication he put forth while stationed in the Republic of Korea.

Mr. Richard M. Scott

During the past year, Mr. Scott volunteered over 1,200 hours and significant amount of resources to support and sponsor community events strengthening the ROK-U.S. Alliance. Mr. Scott distinguished himself through exceptionally meritorious service through his work as the United States Army Garrison Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan) Director for Transformation and Base Closure, a volunteer as a youth soccer coach for both a non-profit Korean-American Soccer Club and Seoul American High School Boys Soccer Team and the co-founder of a Korean-American Bicycling Club he helped establish, resulting in long lasting partnerships between the ROK and U.S. military and civilian communities. Mr. Scott worked closely with several local Korean Soccer Clubs, organizing friendly matches and tournaments throughout the year, fostering a positive atmosphere of cross cultural exchanges and international sportsmanship. Recently, Mr. Scott began working with the President of the Korean-Foreigners Cultural Society (KFFCS) to host a series of friendly soccer matches and cultural events for elementary and middle school aged players. Mr. Scott is also an active member and co-founder of the Dragon Hill Bicycling Club. Mr. Scott teamed with a local Korean bicycle club to coordinate rides throughout South Korea for community members and has logged over 3,000 miles leading community members on their bicycles nearly every weekend. Rides included routes along the DMZ, 388 mile Seoul to Busan, eastern coast of South Korea, Jeju Island and rides throughout the central part of South Korea.


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